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Equine and Canine Services


Before getting distracted by the amazing modality of Manual Osteopathy; Michelle’s initial motivation for becoming a Massage Therapist was to study Equine Massage. Horses were her first love and are still her passion. When she discovered Equine Hanna Somatics, knowing the results she’d seen in her patients and within her self, she dove with both feet!

Michelle is honored to have had the opportunity to learn from the wife of Thomas Hanna (the creator of Hanna Somatics), Eleanor Criswell Hanna who adapted the teachings to work with horses, dogs and more!

The Work

The same Neuromuscular Physiology taught to people has been adapted for the horse & dog. Through facilitated movements & muscular contractions, animals are reminded of their ability to release tension. Michelle applies her manual osteopathy and massage therapy knowledge when appropriate.

These treatments can help release and prevent tension causing lameness; improve suppleness, flexibility, willingness attitude, drive, overall health and wellness

Treatments for animals are performed in the comfort of their own space when possible. For dogs, this is often in their house. Michelle often travels to work with horses, has permission and access to stable space close to Cochrane and travels to riding competitions to provide treatments for both horse and rider.


One and two-day Hanna Somatics Movement Therapy clinics can be arranged! Specifically designed for the Equestrian (but applicable to all, including the “desk jockey”) to alleviate aches and pains, enhance balance, connection & mobility and improve overall performance.

Clinics can incorporate mounted movements and “exercises” you can do with your horse to help them!