Balanced Body Therapy provides a series of health and wellness services that work together to educate, heal and maintain a healthy pain free body.

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Manual Osteopathy
Established in health care since the late 1800s, manual osteopathy is founded on a set of fundamental principles which state that structure and function are interrelated and that the body possesses self regulatory mechanisms with the inherent capacity to defend, repair remodel itself. It looks at the body as a whole rather than individual parts. All systems need to be balanced and mobile to support health, wellness and pain free living.

The systems include the bones and joints, muscle and fascia, cranium and spinal canal, and viscera. Techniques used are all manual hands on, gentle and typically pain free, usually very relaxing overall.

There are very few ailments that manual osteopathic work cannot assist with; from toes to the top of the head, down to the fingertips and everything in between.
Adjustments of the spine, hips and other joints.
Mobilizing the organs for improved gut function. Cranial osteopathy for helping with headaches, neck tension, etc
Muscle and fascial manipulation to reduce strain

Massage Therapy, Osteopathic Massage
Whether your goal is simply to rest and relax or you have general aches and pains, BalancedBody Therapy can address your needs. Massages typically include an osteopathic element that flows with your needs and what would be most beneficial to you.

Often incorporated with most massages due to it’s ability to assist in easing tension in the neck and the rest of the body

Hanna Somatics Movement Classes
Hanna Somatics is a method of reconnecting with your body, restoring conscious control of your muscles; releasing tension and allowing for length and flexibility. These movement classes are appropriate for all ability levels and great for everyone from elite athletes to seniors!