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Michelle Wilson DMO, RMT, CLT, SEC

Michelle is passionate about helping people, providing them with the best care possible and educating them regarding their self care. She enjoys working with all ages, specializing in working with equestrians; treating acute to chronic pain, maintenance, assisting athletes to unlock greater potential.

After a decade of working office jobs, Michelle was encouraged to find something she loved doing. Helping people and working with horses was part of that. She began her journey with stepping away from a desk and diving into becoming a massage therapist. A modality she believed in and often enjoyed the benefits of. While in school she learned of manual osteopathy and was hungry for more knowledge. After a few years of practicing manual osteopathy she was introduced to Hanna Somatics. Although skeptical at first, her eyes were quickly opened to the healing properties of the gentle movements. Through Hanna Somatics she discovered Equine Hanna Somatics and Canine Hanna Somatics. Michelle loves the unending learning that goes along with body work, problem solving and finding the right “tool for the project”.

Being an Osteopathic Manual Therapist, a Registered Massage Therapist and a Hanna Somatic Movement Coach she has the tools to get you out of pain, prevent future injury and keep you feeling great.