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I’m Teaming Up With Equus Physio!

Since my first year of Balanced Body Therapy I’ve had the goal of working with a team of like minded professionals for the common good of the patient. The time has come! When I get to start working again, it will be at Equus Physio’s NEW LOCATION

Balanced Body Therapy strives to facilitate health and wellbeing through a combination of Manual Osteopathy Massage Therapy and Hanna Somatic Movements.
Bodies like to be in a state of ease.


Imbalance causes pain; pain the result is tension; tension creates further imbalance. A Balanced Body does not hurt.

Our Space
Walking into Balanced Body Therapy is like walking into your own home, without the distractions. Warm and inviting, clean and professional; this studio space is excellent for healing, relaxing and learning.

Our goals

  1.  Relieve any pain or discomfort
  2.  Restore balance and mobility to all systems of the body
  3. Provide education on how to maintain balance and prevent injury